Match statistics

Match statistic of every Australian match (except for the Sri Lanka match where equipment malfunction meant that we had no video for the first 3 sets) are now available here.


Day 16 and 17 – The Finale

The championship was over but we stayed an extra day to do some sight seeing.

The typhoon was still with us as we moved back to our old stomping ground at the YMCA hotel. It rained heavily whilst we were unloading and one of Chau’s many cases was inadvertedly left on the bus.

After putting away our luggage we headed to Taipei 101, the tallest building in Asia. Our liasons, Julie and Mandy, took us to Taipei Main Station to catch a train to our destination. The Taipei MRT (Metropolitan Rapid Transit) is so impressive. The stations are enormous, the trains are clean and run on time, and best of all it’s very cheap to travel on. It costs about NT20 (less than 80 cents) per person for the 10 minutes trip. After another 10 minutes walk, we reached our destination.

To get to the observatory deck we went on the fastest passenger elevator in the world. It took a mere 37 seconds to reach the 89th floor. We spent about an hour there. It was quite an overcast day so the visibility wasn’t great.

We spent the rest of the afternoon window shopping in the mall located inside the building. Some of us spent a couple of hours in a particular shop getting every part of our bodies massaged by these incredible gadgets.

That night we were treated to a meal at Sky Lark restaurant by Mr Tony Chao, our number one supporter in Taipei. Tony’s son is one of Chau’s players at Ringwood Raptors and Tony was at the stadium for most of our matches cheering us on.

After dinner we all headed to ShiLin night market except for Chau and Tony who were headed to the bus depot to pick up the strayed suitcase. Needless to say Karl bought more stuff from the market. The man is a shopaholic!

We slept well that night.

We had an early start the next morning to arrive at the National Museum. After a train then a bus trip we arrived at the museum for a 90 minutes tour. We learnt about the different dynasties in China’s long history and saw some incredible works of art.

After a quick lunch where Xanthe, Katie and Kat devoured nearly 20 dumplings each we headed to Danshui where the river meets the sea. We had a great time looking in all the gift shops and sampled the second best calamari we have ever had. Some of us went for these ridiculously long cones of icecream. Some couldn’t eat it fast enough so the local dogs had a field day eating up the melted blobs on the ground.

So it was back to the YMCA Hotel and the food mall near by for our last dinner in Taiwan. Our bus arrived at 7pm to take us to the airport. We had such a great time in Taiwan and it was sad to say good bye to our liasons and Tony who farewelled us at the airport.

Our flight back was full, probably because all the cancellations in the previous couple of days because of the typhoon.

When arrived at Sydney airport at around 10.45am. We spent what seemed like an eternity in the queue through Quarantine. Our Queensland folks missed their 12pm flight and had to catch the 3.30pm flight. And our Victorian folks just barely made it to the 12.15pm flight to Melbourne.

We had a great time in Taiwan. We learnt a lot in our stay there. We learnt about the country, its people and culture. But most of all we learnt about international volleyball as most of us had never been exposed to this level of standards. The following video is a collection of thoughts of every member of the team on the difference between international volleyball and the volleyball we play at home.

Day 15 – Tournament Rankings

With Typhoon Jangmi bearing down on Taiwan (a “super” typhoon with predicted winds of 270kmh) we trekked off to the final matches of the tournament. Getting from the hotel doors (now barricaded as protection from the fierce wind) to the bus resulted in everyone being dripping wet (and we are talking 10 metres).

We watched all four matches today as the stadium was battered and pounded by torrential rain and howling winds. All matches were 3 set affairs and Japan finished undefeated with Taipei and China making up the three to travel to the Junior World Champs next July. The closing ceremony was short and sweet, ensuring the photo opportunities and uniform swapping commenced in earnest.

We made it safely back to the hotel as the typhoon is downgraded to a not so super typhoon?. Dinner and a birthday cake for our captain Beth Carey, celebrating her 18th birthday. The uniform swapping has continued with the news that the Koreans are happy to swap.

Onto the reason we are here, the volleyball. The tournament stats are out and the final rankings for skills performance are out:

Our libero, Kat Chen, features twice in the top ten:
1. equal 5th in the top ten libero’s for the tournament (out of 11 teams) and
2. 8th best receiver (out of all receivers for the tournament).

Xanthe Hand comes in at number 10 for best setter.

Taliqua Clancy who played the tournament as an outside hitter is 4th best blocker for the tournament and Loren Cory (middle blocker) finished 8th best blocker for the tournament.

Karley Hynes is ranked 3rd overall as the best scorer of the tournament with 73 spikes, 11 blocks, 6 serves for a total of 90 points for the tournament.

Tournament Official Photos

Please head over to the Photos page for links of photos of Team Australia in actions at the tournament official page.

Day 14 – Buddy and Roughead

We went into our match against India today in a confident mood after our break through win against Sri Lanka the previous day.

We started really well and put the Indians on the back foot with our agression. It was a great team effort. Everyone who hit the court contributed greatly but Taliqua and Karly were the standouts in the early part of the match. They were our Buddy and Roughead. If one doesn’t get you the other will. Well, Buddy is Buddy but we can assure you that Karly is MUCH better looking than Roughead.

The Indians took the third set 26-24 but we regrouped in the last set and with Taylor stepped up with some great kills we took out the match comfortably.

After brief team meeting and, we stayed at the stadium to watch the other matches. Armed with a laptop each Jenny and Chau, who are fanatical Hawthorn supporters, were trying to get radio broadcasts of the AFL grand final over the internet. Jenny was sitting in the VIP stand and she kept throwing her arms up every time the Hawks scored a goal to the bemusement of the gentleman sitting behind her.

We saw some wonderful volleyball in the semi finals. Riding with the fanatical home crowd support Chinese Taipei came back from 1-2 down to upset the more fancied Chinese. The stadium was rocking every time Taipei scored a point. Taipei will meet Japan who downed Korea in straight sets in the final on Sunday.

We got back to the hotel around 10pm and went straight to the dinning room for our dinner/supper. We surprised Kat Chen with a birthday cake. Everyone in the dinning room sang happy birthday to her.

Our volleyball commitments here are over. We are looking forward to watching some more exciting volleyball tomorrow and to do some sightseeing in our last few days here in Taipei.

Day 14 – Match Day 6 Live Scores

Today’s match scheduled at 1pm AEST will be against India to determine 9th and 10th position.

You can catch the live actions and scores here.

Day 13 – Lucky For Some

We started off today with the usual buffet breakfast at 8am, followed by a 9am departure to the stadium for our game against Sri Lanka. We knew we had to prepare well for this important game as a loss would result in a last place finish.
Before our game we changed our routine in belief that it would improve our mindset for the game.
One of the many highlights of the game consisted of Taylor sixpacking one of the Sri Lanken defenders.
This built up our spirits and we then came through to win our first international game in 4 sets.
To celebrate our win Chau aka Geek Boy shouted us ice cream and donuts on our walk around the town. We then headed off to our intense and quality 5pm training, further building the tight knit team.

14th Asian Junior Womens Championships

September 20-28, 2008
Chinese Taipei


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